Worlds Smallest Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is America’s sweetheart (Bill Nye is obviously second with Jonah Hill a close third)

I could probably make a top 10 for another post.....

I heard (googled actually) that Tom Hank’s favorite food is gyros, but I didn’t just want to do another miniature food. Tom deserves more. Tom deserves the best. I almost feel like my miniature career has been leading up to this moment.

Using Charcoal is extremely MESSY!!! It will get everywhere and anywhere. I had to make sure to have a really good eraser and a steady hand through out the entire video. Even when I was shaping the charcoal I had to make sure to clean it up immediately.

Making this video was actually a challenge. Actually anything is a challenge when your making miniature things. The canvas is only 2 by 2 inches. Trying to stop the charcoal from getting everywhere was a HUGE challenge. One little smudge and BANG BOOM BAM it's ruined. Failure is not an option people.

Tom, if you are reading this my wife cries uncontrollably during EVERY single one of your movies. (especially Terminal and Philadelphia)

Enough talk. Want to see how the video turned out? Check it out below!

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