Mini Grilled Cheese

Have you ever procrastinated doing something for so long you have to find new and creative ways of procrastinating?

I have watched entire seasons on Netflix in one sitting, designed countless tattoos, made travel playlists, watched funny cat videos, learned the entire choreography from thriller, created a fake profile on and ate a lot of grilled cheeses....cheesi...cheeseses??

When it comes to procrastinating I am king. So here’s the thing…..whether or not I like to admit it....I sometimes….occasionally…very rarely procrastinate on my videos.

Okay….now I have to explain my self. Its not that I procrastinate making the video. Sometimes it is that I procrastinate on ordering a special piece, cleaning the set, or organizing all the pieces.

So "Grilled Cheese" hold a special place in my heart. I never thought that a mini grilled cheese would be so tasty. I actually dipped it in the tomato soup before eating the (literally) bite sized snack.

Wanna see how my procrastination paid off this time? Watch below.

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