Mini Chinese New Year

There are very few foods I love more than Chinese food from NYC. Seriously all I ate on my honeymoon was dumplings, chow mein, and pork buns.





I've tried and tried to replicate the deliciousness of Chinese food from a small restaurant with no english name. I have tried. I have failed. This is my dedication to that small store with no english name.

This video is for them.

I had to get really creative in making the miniture dumping wrappers. I had to take a regular wrapper and cut them out. Not the most original idea but you gets the job done.

You guys have no idea how hungry I was while filling up these dumplings. I'm not gonna lie...I did have to take a break and make some fried rice.

I wish youtube would come up with a way for you guys to smell how incredible these are.


Wanna see how it came out? Check it out below:


Prep time

1.5 hour

Cook Time

15 mins

Film Time

1.8 hours

Edit Time

2.4 hours

Music playing while filming: The Notorious B.I.G.

#seasonal #chinese

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