Mini Corndogs

Have you guys been wondering how we made our package for the hot dogs?

I looked for about an hour online to find a tiny ziploc baggie, but all the ones I found were WAY TOO BIG!!!!

I had to make it myself. I cut up a small baggie and used a lighter to sides to close them up. Then put the mini hotdogs inside and heated up the last side to close it.

Here are all the tools I used:

You are going to notice that I make most of the stuff that I use to make/cook the mini food. Sometimes it is really challenging to make them like this hotdog wrapper, but then sometimes its easy like making the little sticks that I stabbed the hotdog with.....what do you even call that.....Comment below if you know what its called 😂 😂

You guys would not believe how hard it was to eat these corndogs! Not gonna lie I was worried that I was gonna accidentally eat the little metal stick (or skewer or I said please comment)

I eat almost every single item that I cook, I hate to waste food.



Mini Corndogs

Prep time

1 hour

Cook Time

2 mins

Film Time

2.5 hours

Edit Time

2 hours

Music playing while filming: Biggie


Oil - 2-3 teaspoons

Flour - 1/14 of a cup

Cornmeal - 2 teaspoons

Pepper - a dash

Salt - a pinch

Baking Powder - a sprinkle

Egg- 2 of the world's smallest

Milk - 1.5 tablespoon

Hot dogs- 4 teeny tiny dogs


  • Gather all ingredients

  • Mix all together except for oil and hotdogs

  • Stab hotdogs

  • Dip hotdogs in batter

  • Fry the coated hotdog

  • Let fry until golden brown

  • Cool down for 20 secondsc

  • Serve with ketchup, mustard, and Cola

  • Enjoy!

Want to see how if came out? Watch below!

#corndog #minifood #howto

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