Mini Thanksgiving Dinner

A lot of you have asked how I cooked the Worlds Smallest Thanksgiving Dinner...

Well it wasn't easy, thats for sure.

First, I had to do extensive and thorough research about the classic, traditional American Thanksgiving. This involved, but was not limited to eating several "normal" sized meals, watching every Peanuts Thanksgiving cartoon, and reruns of the Macy Day parade.

Trust me you guys, all this research had to be done in order for this video to be the highest quality product on the youtube market. You're welcome.

Second, I had to order the worlds smallest potato's from Ireland. I only spent $1.99 on the potato itself and $6.99 on the standard shipping and handling (because that makes senses)

Third, I had to gather the rest of my ingredients from the finest farm to freezer to table local grocer (Walmart).

A lot of you ask how I did the mini turkey. It was actually really easy...........not.

All I had to do was locate a local hummingbird farmer near me, I was surprised to find 3 within a 5 miles radius of my studio. Then we found the smallest one, slaughtered it, cleaned it, and prepared it for the video.


What I actually did was take a regular turkey breast and cut it with my mini knife to make it look like a mini turkey.

Finally after sculpting the turkey breast I dressed, stuffed, and prepped it to be oven ready!!

Want to see how the turkey came out??? Check out the video below!


*No hummingbirds where harmed in the making of this video!*

Only turkeys.

#minifood #thanksgiving #seasonal

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